E-Marketing Marketing

email_iconWe are very conscious of your brand and how any online communication can affect how your company is perceived. We therefore only create sustainable e-mail marketing strategies based around permission, permission that, when leveraged, can create engaging communication channels for marketing to your clients and prospects.

Although there may still be a case for e-mail blasting massive groups of people coldly, brand development requires trust, which in turn creates customer loyalty.


We like to use Permission Marketing techniques, which is a process of developing customer relationships through permission, refinement and relevance, as opposed to traditional direct "one way" marketing techniques.

  • Customers subscribe to you
  • You create relationships organically
  • You send messages and measure the results and actions
  • You refine your database to send more specific messages
  • You develop trust - creating a sustainable marketing channel

Collecting e-mail address data

A customer or a prospective customers details is one of your most valuable assets. We treat them as such. We can work with you to help establish your online business objectives, develop and grow your e-mail marketing database organically and through direct campaigns.

We are careful to put the right messages online to attract the ideal people to subscribe to your marketing communications. E-mail marketing strategies

Using this data, we send regular, on-topic marketing e-mail messages, forever measuring the results to refine future e-mail messages and, more importantly, your data. This builds trust and relevance into your database - a rare and truly worthwhile commodity in marketing.

We all know the scenario, as we ourselves frequently receive material from other companies and you’ll appreciate the more relevant your marketing message is to your customers - the more powerful and cost-effective your e-mail marketing campaigns. Our experience has taught us the massive business benefits, medium-to-long-term, of working harder up-front to develop this trust.