Online Marketing

onlinemarketingAt Node Media, we study the way people interact on the web and look at ways in which your business can connect with customers, prospects and industry commentators online.

We create appropriate content, optimised for search engines, to get your business noticed, and advise on ways to distribute your message organically through social networking, and assertively through online advertising and affiliate marketing.

  • Website content and copywriting: Appropriate content and articles on your website, copy written for search engine optimisation, can attract relevant search traffic and raise the profile of your website.
  • Search engine marketing: More than just search engine optimisation, SEM is about establishing goal driven opportunities for your business and attracting traffic by promotion and interaction.
  • Social media marketing: Enabling your business to interact with your audience and industry, in a social way, can establish credibility, authority and increased awareness of your brand.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: We create effective pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-action (PPA) campaigns to maximise your budget, increasing relevant traffic through research and optimisation.
  • E-mail marketing: We don't buy lists and hit people, we build lists through permission, to create more effective and sustainable relationships with your clients and prospects.