Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

mouse_pinkPay per click (PPC) and pay per action (PPA) advertising can provide considerable opportunity but if done badly can become very expensive and unproductive like traditional forms of advertising. But if correctly handled can be a valuable asset and strategic element of your valuable marketing budget attracting . t relevant traffic to your website,.

  • Google Adwords - search and content networks
  • Yahoo Search Marketing - search and content networks
  • Microsoft AdCenter
  • Facebook Social advertising

Effective PPC campaigns

The success of advertising using pay per click is much more than simply creating an advert and choosing some generic keywords. This is a sure fire route to wasting your advertising budget by paying high amounts of money (per click) for visitors to your website who aren't even interested in your products and services.

We create PPC campaigns using tried and tested methods to maximise your online marketing budget, attracting only relevant people who are far more likely to do what your require whether it be buy , subscribe or contact you,.

Quality, not quantity

It may be an old proverb but all marketing budgets have a limit and it certainly rings true with regards PPC campaigns. Rather than focus on quantity of paid traffic, at Node Media we prefer to take a more focussed route with PPC to attract specific people by using specific keywords, specific adverts and specific landing pages. We prefer fewer people to more than lots do a little.

This maximises the efficiency of search engine quality score systems, reducing the amount your advert costs, allowing for more 'shows' of your advert at the right time.

  1. Establish Goals of your pay per click campaign
  2. Establish initial keywords through research
  3. Break down your campaign into specific sales messages
  4. Create variants of advert text
  5. Create advert relevant landing pages
  6. Test, change, test, change, test, change...