Social Media Marketing

socialSocial media marketing allows you to engage with communities online to create new business opportunities and increased awareness of your business. your customers have a huge choice with whom they do business with. If you can establish a link and build a community with like minded people you build loyalty and increase the likelihood of doing business.

It has never been easier for general website users to interact and get involved, sharing content and opinion in a collaborative way..

Great examples of social media websites include:

  • Social networking - create your own page, write about yourself, and establish links with other like-minded people. eg. Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Xanga, Yahoo 360, LinkedIn ...
  • Social bookmarking - Find websites, create bookmarks online, share them, create communities. eg. Del.icio.us, Markaboo, Blinklist, Spurl, Ma.gnolia, blogmemes...
  • Social news - Upload links to news websites, people vote on them, the best ones get seen. eg. Digg, Reddit, I Am Bored...
  • Blogs - create your own website, post regular entries and commentary, people read your posts and can comment with you.
  • Forums - topic-led discussion boards for collaboration, debate and the sharing of ideas (and links).

A successful Social Media Marketing strategy can work incredibly efficiently and be very cost effective.

This phenomena of user-generated content also makes for a massive opportunity to interact openly and create real opportunities for your business. How can social media work for your business?

People use the Internet for a number of reasons. They are not only looking for information, they are looking to be engaged and to do that they need a certain level of interaction. We advise and help you to give them that interaction with your company using social media websites.

SMM can also reach new audiences. We identify potential new markets and aim to attract those communities via the appropriate social media website.

Traditional advertising is not working as it used to. It’s not only costly but can be very difficult to target. Engage directly with the people who may be interested in your business and see much better results. It make sense that your hard work if directed to your specific audience has much greater chance of creating appeal and driving some form of action.