Website Copywriting and Content

copywritingAt Node Media, we understand all about net words and how to create high-impact online copy. With your brief we will know what to write for your audience, how to write it and where toplace it on your website, and most importantly, to help a search engine understand your content. This is commonly known as on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) and is essential for your site to be recognised.

Engaging web content

The power of the word is formidable - changing just a single phrase or word in a site can significantly impact the response rate. So when it comes to writing website copy, we develop engaging web pages and marketing messages that reach your market and push for action:

  • Our web copy attracts traffic to your website through search engines and social websites - focused towards your target audience.
  • We can Write key words and engaging sales messages so a visitors is encouraged to take action - delivering you tangible results. This could be selling online, newsletter sign-ups, or generating sales leads.

Effective website copywriting

Appropriate content on your website is essential for delivering traffic that converts into business. Most visitors to your site , like you, have little time and want to cut to the chase as quickly as possible. Quite simply there is too much generic 'marketing speak' still employed online. Whatever your sales message we e understand that it needs to be specific and concise to attract visitors interested in the products and services you are selling.

We carefully craft web page content that attracts your target market; who are the people that are more likely to convert into actual customers. Much of this traffic is derived from search engines and social media sites, attracted by our copywriting for SEO.

Appealing web copy

All customers are different so you can easily alienate them if spoken in a generic way. They are important and want to be treated as such. Some people need facts, some people need to see examples, but all will have a purpose for buying or making contact online. We tap into these unique factors to deliver the right message in the right order, written in the most appropriate way.

Target driven website copywriting

By establishing the end-goal of your website , we work backwards with content and call-to-actions so that your audience have all their questions answered in a way that works for them. We craft words and messages that clearly explains to them why they should take the next action with your company.

Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO is a balance between website content that reads well, but also website copywriting that is search engine optimised, using 'key' words (keywords) and key phrases that attract relevant search engine traffic to your website.

At Node Media our SEO website copywriting works irrespective of the industry, whether it be travel, entertainment, blah blah or blah blah and we have written effective copy for all types websites.

That's why we are confident that our website copywriters will deliver highly targeted traffic to your website.

Words are great, effective keywords are even better, but they need to be put in the right places to make your web copy effective. This includes:

  • Choice of relevant keywords
  • Actual keyword saturation
  • Position of keywords on the page and in relation to each other
  • Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Header Tags of words and phrases

Known as on-page SEO. You can control what is picked up and heightens your ranking. We will make sure that we have done everything to ensure that a search engine can read your website copy easily and be understand.