Content Managed Solutions

cms_iconIf your website is constantly changing, or you would like more control adding and amending content, we create effective content management systems (CMS):

If you plan to update your site regularly, perhaps manage images and downloads, or want more control adding and amending content, we can deliver by creating for you an effective content management system (CMS)

Bespoke CMS solution

As a web reliant business we appreciate the need for flexible control and search engine recognition so our content management solution takes all this into account. Your site isn’t your business but a method of you doing your business so we design it accordingly, ensuring our designs are simple and easy to use. Most importantly as all our customers are different and their needs vary Each solution can also be customised with bespoke modules (including e-commerce) Main features include:

Flexible platform solutions: To manage your website you need nothing more complicated than a web browser as all our systems are software dependent.

Page management: You can create pages and sections on your website and position without jeopardising you’re web structure. No technical knowledge is required to keep your site refreshed. You decide how you want your pages to be displayed and in which level of the navigation.

Content management: Want to update your site? You can easily create content, import images, and create page links with our simple to use interface. And don’t worry about Search engine optimisation our content management system engine even creates appropriate meta tags to make sure your web pages still stand out in search engines, even after we have finished.

Mutiple templates: Don’t think if you do it yourself we limit your flexibility. No, our Multiple templates can be arranged so you can easily display your pages in different styles depending on the content.

Asset management: You wont be limited to just text changes. Upload and manage images and documents for display or download. News and events: Easily create news and events that can be time delayed to display and archived when they become dated. You can also distribute these sections as RSS automatically.

Forms and e-mail: Create reply forms that e-mail directly to an e-mail address. Set your fields, including multiple options and large text fields, decide what is mandatory - make it easy for your customers to contact you.