Website Design and Build

web_iconGet it right and your new web site can transform your online marketing effort. At Node Media our websites offer great designs that enhance your online brand and ultimately provide you with increased levels of business from new and existing customers. Including:


  • Effective Design - that looks good and is user friendly
  • Strict XHTML coding - built to W3C standards
  • Search Engine Friendly - one of the most effective methods of acquiring customers
  • Flexible, future proof structure - Our designs consider your business and the future

Web Strategy

We don’t just load information we work to a clear marketing strategy that delivers what we call the three rights: The right information, at the right time, in the right way. Traffic is important but unless your site is logically designed for your audience it simply won’t deliver what you want.

Web Design

The web is constantly evolving and we actively review our systems and techniques to ensure we, and our customers stay ahead of the game. This means we not only study design trends and fashions we build to W3C standards, use CSS (cascading style sheets), split design from content and ensure your website can be seen on the most popular devices and operating systems to widen your potential audience.